How to open PPF in Post Office

PPF in Indian Post OfficePPF i.e. Public Provident Fund is a tax saving scheme with saving facility. It also beneficial for those who do not have any structured pension plans for the old age. PPF account is provided by SBI, some of the nationalized banks and Post office. It is a scheme provided by Govt. of India for all the citizens of India.



Procedure for opening of PPF account in Post Office

Documents needed for PPF account:

  1. 2 Passport size photograph
  2. Identity Proof (Voter ID Card)
  3. Address Proof (Ration Card, Electricity Bill)
  4. PAN Card

NOTE (Important details)

28 Responses to “How to open PPF in Post Office”

  1. anjali subhash chavan Says:

    dear sir,
    i already have ppf account since 4 yr. i have lost my passbook year back , my account number might be 2211 or 2209 in post office city kolhapur, maharashtra. will you please help me to get my new. pass book . please give me guidence for the same.
    thanking you.
    yours faithfully ,
    anjali chavan.

  2. shekar Says:

    I need information about ppf

  3. Dharmender Says:

    First of all approach the Post office where the account was open and find out what is the correct Acc No. (check for any deposite slip in your home that may help getting the correct Accc No.) Then get an FIR (application of Loss of PPF Account pass book lost to be sealed from the Police station area where it is lost, it is very easy process do not be scared as only seal is ready by paying about Rs. 200-300)take the sealed copy to the post office where the Acc is live and get is verified and then get the pass book

  4. monu kumar Says:

    i interested in open PPF Account but i am student how criteria are open. and payment details in per month.

  5. jagadeesh Says:

    Hi need a Clarification..i want to open A PPF Account and want to deposit yearly some i need to deposit fixed amount every year or can deposit less/more amount year on year. for example 1st yr will deposit 12k and next yr 15k and then 1k. is it allowed or not pls clarify

  6. admin Says:

    You can deposit any amount above Rs 500 and less than Rs 1 lakh in each financial year.

  7. prashanth Says:

    i want know that if i pay 50000 every year constantly .what would be the amount after 20 years
    please let me know.

  8. Binoy Valsalan .P Says:

    I have an PPF A/C No. 34141with Post Office. I want to know my account balance.

    Thanking you,

    Binoy Valsalan P

  9. sandeep Says:

    Whether invest in ppf is fully exempt or not i want clarify the same.
    Thanking u.

  10. A.K.Gupta Says:

    I am 62 years old senior citizen & want to open a PPF a/c with Post office or Icici bank or Central bank in Delhi.
    Please inform whether I can open PPF account .If yes pl. inform the period for which I can open.
    Please reply immediately as I want to invest max. Permissible amount by 20 march 2014 to claim tax benefit u/s 80c for the FY ending 31/03/2014.

  11. Naveen Says:

    If I pay at a time Rs.1,00,000/- for a financial year in single payment, will i be credited more interest at end or the same interest as in monthly installments totaling to 1,00,000 for year.

  12. Sadhik Says:

    Hi ,

    1. Does the PPF can be transferable like Bank Account from one branch to another.
    2. Lets say i’d invested 10,000 for the very first year and then i want to add some more (20,000) amount to 10,000 in the same year. Is it possible and get the recorded proof.


  13. admin Says:

    You can deposit any amount however total amount should not be more than 1 lakh.

  14. Sunnam Ramesh Says:

    hi,i want clearity about ppf account of postoffices

  15. Suman Maji Says:

    Any one can open PPF in SATE BANK OF INDIA OR INDIA POST & now the limit is Min Rs 500 & Max 150000

  16. Suman Maji Says:

    What is the benefit to other investments VS PPF investments?

  17. surendra Says:


  18. srinivas Says:

    how to move ,from one post office to other office.

  19. Ravindra Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can i transfer my monthly PPF amount online?
    Do th post office have that feature ?

  20. ravi Says:

    sir i want to open a ppf account and save 1000 rs per month up to 15 years as i do like this how munch amount i will get after 15 years.

  21. pankaj Says:

    new born baby can apply for ppf

  22. savitha Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to open PPF ac in bank, can i invest first month Rs.500 and next month 250 like that.

  23. hiren parikh Says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I have lost mine PPF passbook . Mine PPF NUBER IS 64239 . Please guide me how can i get the new passbook ??

  24. biplov Says:

    I have a ppf account in sbi…can i open another in post office

  25. Sunith.S Says:

    Dear sir,
    Am having PPF account in postoffice of Mangalore.
    Is it possible to pay, withdraw amount from this account in post office other than Mangalore.

  26. pk Says:


  27. Krishna prasad Says:

    Dear Sir

    My native place is near trichy(Tamil nadu) But i m working in chennai(Tamilnadu).

    Is it possible to open PPF account in chennai with my native address proof??



  28. rajesh Says:

    I am 30years old i am planning to one time investment for 25000 on PPF. whether one time investment is possible or not. if we can how to invest.

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