Locking Period of PF Accounts in India

What is PF

The¬†Employees’ Provident Fund Organization is a constitutional organizational of the administration of India which is under the office of Labour and Employment in the government of India admin. It manages a required Provident FundScheme, Insurance Scheme and the pension scheme. It is few of the biggest social security organization world wide which covers the biggest security benefit and has the largest transaction of money.

The locking period of the PF funds

The maturity period of the PF amount is near to about 15 years. During this time your money will be double and you will get good returns from your investment.

The maturity date of your PF account will depend not on the date you opened the account but on the financial year.


For example if you have opened an account of the 1st of November then your maturity date will be on April and not on the 1st of November in the next year. Please note that Pan Card is required in order top open a PPF account.


When can one withdraw from the provident fund account

There are times when you will be requiring certain amount on urgent basis. In that case you may have to break the provident fund amount but there may be time left for it to mature. In this case you need to wait at least 5 years for the amount to mature before you can withdraw the money.

The quantity of pulling out is imperfect to 50% of the leftover in your description at the finishing of the fiscal year. There are certain rules which need to be applied on the provident fund if you have any doubt you must contact your nearest provident fund office or post office and get the things cleared from them.